Still Time to Plant Evergreens This Year!

Moving of trees for Living Fence Installation by Pryor's Nursery
   Fall is a great time for planting. As temperatures cool, transplanting is less stressful on plants as they slowly become dormant with less active new growth. Plants loose less water thru their leaves via evapotranspirarion . Root growth will remain active till the ground freezes.
   With the late fall comes the soil recharge months, where the rains replenish soil moisture content. This means less watering for the owners with new privacy fences of evergreens. Soon, no more watering will be needed for your living fence, once the ground freezes.
    Thru the winter frost heaving in the soil kneeds out the air pockets enabling the tree roots to better absorb water next year. The roots of the trees in your evergreen screen have 9 months of growing , and are ready for the  July and August drier months. Now, and until the ground freezes, we can plant evergreen trees for your living fence/privacy screening. Contact us for a free estimate!Planting large leylands in annapolis to fill in an exisiting row
Planting large Leyland Cypress trees in Annapolis, to fill in an existing row of living fence.
* Top Picture of large Green Giants installed for privacy screening of pool.