Go Green and Recycle Your Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable and green! (haha) Like all trees, they help clean the air we breathe and water we drink. When looking to purchase a real Christmas tree this year consider the 2 options available; cut or with the root ball in tack.

 Buying a cut tree provides for the tree to have a second life recycled into mulch or composted, once the holiday is over. If you purchase one with a root ball, you can plant it in your yard to provide additional privacy screening year round, as well as, a home for wildlife. Any branches that you cut off can easily be turned into a wreath for your door! 

 Many communities offer curb pick up of Christmas trees after the holiday, which then get turned into mulch for landscaping. If your community does not have curb pick up, check with your local county recycling centers. Have a wonderful holiday season!


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