Fall Planting in Your Garden

In a shady location we use Nellie Stevens Holly
Nellie Stevens Hollies planted during the fall in a shady location to provide privacy screening for the home.

Fall is great time to plant and transplant plants in your garden and yard. The cooler fall temperatures are much better on the growing plants than the heat of summer. Less evaporation occurs through the leaves during the fall and the rains make the soil easier to work with therefore, less supplemental watering is required. The plant roots then have ~ 9 months of growing, before the next hot summer, for increased water uptake. Throughout the freeze and thaw cycles of the winter, the air pockets in the soil of new plantings are kneaded out, so plant roots are in better contact with the soil for nutrient and water absorption. Tree plantings can continue now thru December so it is not too late to schedule your tree installation with Pryor’s Nursery!

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#nelliestevenshollies #pryorsnursery


Before planting Nellie Stevens Holly Living Fence.
After planting Nellie Stevens Holly Living Fence.


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