Organic Soil Amendments

At our evergreen tree farm, we experimented with different soil types and potting mixtures over 20 years ago. Leafgro, which is manufactured by the state of Maryland, proved to be an excellent addition to the planting medium. Made of leaves and grass clippings collected from the surrounding cities, it is professionally recycled into Leafgro at … Continue reading Organic Soil Amendments

Why do we deck our halls with boughs of holly every December?

Today we also use holly trees to create beautiful living fences for year round privacy screening. The holly trees can be trimmed a bit during the holiday season so you can make your own wreath or kissing ball. Or, you can go eco friendly by using a live holly tree as your holiday tree, then plant it in your yard afterwards.

Holly Berry Time

   The late spring is the time every year when the Nellie Stevens holly creates new berries. The hollies are cross pollinated by the bees. Hollies that have pollinated flowers  will develop small green berries that will grow and become  red in the fall. The formation of berries requires plant energy and the holly will … Continue reading Holly Berry Time

Can Living Fence Privacy Screening Enhance Property Value?

Creating privacy screening can provide enormous curb appeal. Not only do the current owners benefit from the beauty and privacy provided by the living fence, but buyers prefer private outdoor living spaces. Neighborhoods are squeezing homes on smaller lots which means privacy is lacking for all the homeowners.  No one wants to be looking straight … Continue reading Can Living Fence Privacy Screening Enhance Property Value?