When to Plant Green Giant Arborvitaes: A Maryland Evergreen Tree Farm’s Guide

Green Giant Arborvitae Trees

Welcome to Pryor’s Nursery, your trusted source for locally field-grown evergreen trees throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. If you’re looking for the perfect privacy solution for your yard or garden, look no further than the magnificent Green Giant Arborvitae. These fast-growing and deer-resistant evergreen trees have become a favorite among our customers, and we’re excited to share some valuable insights on when and how to plant and care for Thuja Green Giant Arborvitaes. Let’s dive in and discover how they can elevate your landscape and be low-maintenance!

Thuja Green Giant Origin:

Green Giant Arborvitaes, also known as Thuja Green Giants, are the ideal choice for creating a lush, natural privacy fence around your property. Combining the best traits of the Japanese Thuja and Western Red Cedar, these evergreens are hardy and adaptable, thriving in USDA growing zones 5 to 8.

Planting Green Giant Arborvitae trees.

When to Plant Green Giant Arborvitaes:

Green Giants are extremely hardy arborvitae and can be planted throughout the growing season until the ground freezes in Maryland. We wouldn’t do this with other plants, but we can with the Green Giants. Of course, water is needed for the Summer plantings, and with watering, these evergreens will continue to grow through the heat of the summer, as well as the Spring and Fall.

Green Giant Arborvitae Spacing and Growth Rate:

At Pryor’s Nursery, we take pride in cultivating robust and healthy Green Giant Arborvitaes. When planting multiple trees, space them between 5 to 10 feet apart. Ideally, 5-6 feet apart is what we recommend to achieve the coverage our customers desire. The further apart they are spaced, the longer it will take them to grow together and achieve a full privacy screen unless they are staggered in two rows.

The growth rate of Green Giant Arborvitaes is truly impressive. Once established, these evergreens can grow up to an astonishing 2-3 feet per year! However, for the Mid-Atlantic region, they achieve up to ~2 ft a year due to the shorter growing season. Plant them in well-drained soil with full sun exposure (6 hours minimum) to maximize their growth potential. While they can tolerate partial shade, basking in the sun will stimulate lush green foliage for a fuller tree and enhance their overall growth.

Deer-Resistance Evergreen Trees:

Working throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia since 1981, we understand the challenges of deer nibbling on lush plants and trees. Fortunately, Green Giant Arborvitaes possess excellent deer-resistant qualities, making them a smart choice for areas with a high deer population. While no tree is entirely deer-proof, these evergreens are not at the top of the deer’s menu.

Caring for Green Giant Arborvitaes:

We want your Green Giant Arborvitaes to thrive and flourish, adding beauty and privacy to your landscape. Here are some essential care tips:

1. Watering: For the first few weeks after planting, water your young trees every other day to ensure strong root development. Gradually reduce watering to once or twice per week for the next three to four months. Throughout the first summer, deep watering will support their establishment.

2. Mulching: Mulch around the base of your Green Giant Arborvitaes in spring, providing a few inches of space near the trunk. This will retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and deter weed growth.

3. Pruning: Early Spring is the best time for light pruning, but avoid over-pruning, as Green Giants won’t sprout new leaves from bare branches.

Now that you know when to plant Green Giant Arborvitaes, their growth rate, deer resistance, and how to care for them, it’s time to transform your landscape into a private oasis. At Pryor’s Nursery, we take pride in offering top-quality, locally field-grown evergreen trees. We can’t wait to see the beauty and privacy they’ll bring to your property. Visit us today, and let’s create a lush green haven together!