Living Fences Made Of Ornamental Evergreens for Privacy


Pryor’s Nursery landscaping company in Damascus, Maryland grows, sells and installs Living Fences™ made of ornamental evergreens such as Nellie Stevens Hollies, Leyland Cypress and Green Giant Arborvitae. Instead of using hard goods such as metal, vinyl or wood fences for screens in the landscape, these natural barriers create privacy, shade and closure to your landscape. Evergreens are an excellent biomass filter, producing oxygen and helping to reduce your carbon footprint, thus eco-friendly for the environment. Pryor’s Nursery has installed over 80,000 privacy trees in the metro area since 1981. Use the Plant Wizard to determine how many trees you will need, the benefits of drip irrigation and monthly garden tips, etc. Our evergreen privacy trees are grown to exacting standards and can be professionally installed anywhere in the Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan Areas including Annapolis, Frederick, Hagerstown, and Westminster. For prices, click on the trees below.

Professional Installations Guaranteed for One Year

Pryor’s Nursery grows, sells and professionally installs our evergreen privacy trees with care.


Nellie Stevens Holly Nellie Stevens Holly

green-giant-arborvitae-photos (1)

Green Giant Arborvitae Green Giant Arborvitae


Leyland Cypress.Leyland Cypress

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