How Tall Are The Evergreen Trees We Grow Locally?

Green Giant Evergreen Tree

The largest evergreen trees for privacy screening that we grow and transplant, are 15 feet tall Thuja Green Giant Arborvitaes. For almost 40 years we have successfully planted large green giant privacy screens throughout the Baltimore/Washington  area. Our green giant trees are grown from rooted cuttings at Pryor’s Nursery in Damascus, Maryland.   On our website we publish the prices and sizes of all the evergreen trees we currently have available for planting. You will also find detailed science articles about the attributes of each evergreen tree variety to assist you in determining which is best for the location of your living fence. Our total number of trees installed for clients now exceeds over 64,000 evergreen trees. If you calculate that out, the amount of square footage of biomass filtration is equal to 1/4 the area of the city of Washington  DC. WOW!

Evergreen Living Fences provide you with privacy screening and they also reduce our carbon footprint through biomass filtration of the air we breathe. In today’s ecological climate, reducing our carbon footprint is an added bonus when looking to provide privacy on our property, without the harsh look of wood, metal or vinyl fencing. With more people working from home than ever before, people are noticing the lack of privacy their property offers. Properties large and small want to maintain some privacy from busy roads, neighbors or to screen an unpleasant view. This is where our evergreen trees are able to solve these issues while reducing one’s carbon foot print. We grow 3 varieties of evergreens for privacy screening; Thuja Green Giant Arborvitaes, Leyland Cypress and Nellie Stevens Hollies. All our trees are locally grown on our 10 acre farm from cuttings.

Need to screen the pool, patio, busy road or unpleasant view with tall evergreen trees?

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