Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

U. S. National Christmas Trees in 2012

Picking out live eco-friendly Christmas trees has become a tradition for many families. Oh, the fun of walking amongst the trees to find just the right one to fit the space and have the perfect shape. Getting the tree home and standing upright in the stand without falling over well, can be an adventure too… hahaha. The wonderful thing about live eco-friendly Christmas trees is that they are biodegradable and an eco-friendly way to add more green to your landscape after the holidays. Like all trees, evergreens help clean the air we breathe and the water we drink. Who doesn’t like the smell of a fresh-cut tree during the holidays? When looking to purchase a live Christmas tree this year, consider either; fresh cut or with root ball in tack.

Buying a cut evergreen tree provides a second life for them, recycled into mulch or composted, after the holidays. If you purchase one with a root ball, you can plant your evergreen in your yard to provide additional privacy screening year-round, as well as, a home for wildlife. Transform trimmed branches into a beautiful wreath for your door or window! Holly branches and berries are perfect for wreath-making and smell great.

Many communities offer curb pick-up of evergreen Christmas trees after the holidays, which then get turned into mulch for landscaping. If your community does not have curb pick-up, check with your local county recycling centers. Have a wonderful holiday season, and stop by to check out our holiday display!