Holiday Holly Tree Berry-Best Practices

Nelly Stevens Holly Berries on the tree

Walking the fields to find the perfect live Christmas tree has become a tradition for many families. Not only is the tree an important part of the holidays, but garland, misteltoe and wreaths as well. The bright red berries of the Holly trees look stunning against the green backdrop of leaves and needles in our decorations. However, these beautiful red berries are toxic to animals and small children, if eaten. When possible, opt for artificial Holly leaves and berry decorations inside the home. Afterall, no one wants an emergency room visit during the holidays. If you must use live Holly leaves and berries, keep them up high and out of reach of small children and pets. Plus, keep and eye on them as they begin to dry out since the berries will fall off.

Not only is the Holly a toxic plant, but so is mistletoe, lilies, daffodils, poinsettia, amaryllis and the Christmas cactus. It is best to keep these plants up off the floor and out of reach of our pets. Regarding cats, we all know how curious they can be, so even Christmas trees need to be blocked off and out of reach of cats. Otherwise, they can climb the tree, causing it to fall over and potentially injure themselves, as well as breaking ornaments.

Holly trees outside make a beautiful live evergreen living fence that are biodegradable and an eco-friendly way to add more greenery to your landscape all year. Like all trees, evergreens help clean the air we breathe and water we drink. Plus, Nelly Steven Holly trees make great privacy screens year-round. During late fall/early winter the lush red berries of the holly trees can bring a festive feel to your home during the holidays and add to your outdoor holiday decor! Current Nellie Steven Holly prices and sizes.

Don’t forget, many communities offer curbside pick-up of evergreen Christmas trees after the holidays, which then get turned into mulch for landscaping locally. If your community does not have curbside pick -up, check with your local county recycling centers. Have a wonderful holiday season and stop by to check out our holiday display!