Leesburg, Virginia Evergreen Trees by Pryor’s Nursery

Pryor’s Nursery provides evergreen trees and living fences for Leesburg, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. This video from Wade Pryor shows some of the Green Giant Evergreens which are excellent for privacy. The Green Giant is a sturdy and fast growing evergreen tree grown locally at Pryor’s Nursery in Damascus, Maryland. Pryor’s Nursery sells, delivers and can install these and other evergreens anywhere in the Leesburg and Northern Virginia area. We also serve Baltimore, Washington Dc and Annapolis as well.

Leyland Cypress HPA
Leyland Cypress

Do You Need a Privacy Fence in the Leesburg Area?

You should consider a “living fence” made of evergreen trees by Pryor’s Nursery. We have installed many evergreen fences in Leesburg, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas. Order your new evergreen trees today by calling Pryor’s Nursery at 301-253-4706 or contact us online.