Pryor's Nursery Aerial Back in the 1990's
   Thirty years ago in 1989, I bought a soybean field in Montgomery County, Maryland to start the home of the Living Fence.  Our contracting company, Earth Beautiful, Inc had been up and running for 9 years by then. Having already planted an enormous amount of evergreens for privacy screening at our landscape customers properties, I needed to grow the business more.  Sending myself to the Irrigation Association’s winter school in 1984, the skills to irrigate the crop were in place . As a long time user of drip irrigation, it was clear that the methodology would be prudent for the success of the nursery trees, while exhibiting environmental stewardship thru water conservation. Graduating from the the University of Maryland in 1976 with an agriculture degree, provided the science background to grow 8,000 evergreen trees for the future.
   In 30 years of tree planting and growing living fences, Pryor’s Nursery has sold over 64,000 trees. That is a lot of biomass filter to help the metro area reduce its carbon footprint.  Working since 1981 in the metro area, Earth Beautiful Inc has been serving the community for a total of 39 years. Pictures of the initial plantings at Pryor’s Nursery 30 years ago.
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