Surprise Mild Winter in the Baltimore/DC Metro Areas


What wonder weather we are having after the last two winters! Mild winter days continue into mid February for the Baltimore/Washington area. We normally are not planting for customers in January and February as the ground is frozen solid and winter wind chills may damage new transplants. We did experience about 10 days of hard winter in late December and early January, as is normal. Here at Pryor’s Nursery, the farm’s ground was frozen a few inches deep. Then the weather dramatically changed! We did something we have not been able to do in 36 years of green industry field work , we started planting successfully in late January and into February. Over 600 new small Green Giants have been removed from winter winter storage and field planted. No watering is needed when planting at this time of year. We keep our organic planting mix undercover from rain/snow in the winter, enabling dry soil to be used for our plantings when the earth is gooey from winter rains. I called this one wrong as we could have been installing living fences for customers most of the winter! However, we did get caught a few days with our garden tools in the snow. Mother Nature can be unpredictable!

Pictures of our Winter Nursery Plantings.

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