Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation benefits

We get numerous calls every year from customers asking about watering the trees we install for them. During the dry, hot summer months it is important the evergreen trees get enough water when planted. We recommend having a drip irrigation system installed at the time of the living fence installation to make it easier for our customers to water their evergreen trees.

A Living Fence comprised of evergreen trees cannot be planted in an area that gets too much water, like in low lying areas that frequently hold standing water. What happens if the soil is gray and stinks like a sewer. When it is in this condition, anaerobic, it is due to the absence of oxygen caused by extreme over watering and/or poor drainage. Most plants cannot live in this condition. Soil moisture must be reduced. Standing water in an area will eventually cause this condition to arise. Drip irrigation is away to prevent over watering and plant damage.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

  • Water Savings for only areas around the root zone are irrigated
  • Plant undergoes less stress from variations in soil moisture
  • Improved growth through constant soil moisture
  • Higher tolerance to salt as water is not sprayed on leaf surface
  • Slow application avoids saturation and does not seal soil
  • Slow rate prevents excess surface water, reducing evaporation
  • Precise water control with low rate and solid state timers
  • Weed growth reduced as area between plants is not irrigated
  • Can be designed for use in all terrains and soil conditions
  • Systems flow rate allows irrigation of large areas
  • Energy savings, low pressure required where pumps are used
  • Installation cost considerably less than other type systems
  • Injection devices allow controlled amounts of chemicals/nutrients
  • Ability to tailor flow rate to differing plant varieties
  • Reduced risk of disease through root zone environmental control.
  • Allows for watering during high heat periods of the day
  • Vandalism practically eliminated because of hidden parts
  • Xeriscape compatible, low system costs enables its consideration

When placing your order for a living fence, inquire about having an affordable drip irrigation system installed as well.  It is a “win-win” for you and your living fence!