Can Privacy Screening Enhance Property Value?

Privacy Screening with Green Giants and Nellie Stevens Holly Installation. Check out our testimonials from raving customers!

Creating a living fence privacy screen can provide enormous curb appeal, thus enhancing property value. The current owners benefit from the beauty and privacy provided by the living fence, and buyers prefer private outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, neighborhoods are squeezing homes on smaller lots, meaning privacy is lacking for all homeowners. No one wants to look straight into another person’s yard, nor do they want others watching what their family is doing in the backyard. Roads, sheds, two-story additions, hoarding situations, and even railroad tracks are some of the less desirable vistas we screen for our clients. Evergreen tree privacy screening helps to soften the look of your yard while screening undesirable views. Swimming pools, barbeque areas, and tennis courts are other popular areas for installing our living fence privacy screening.

Statistically, homes with natural privacy screening tend to sell quicker than homes with undesirable views and for a higher price. Therefore, privacy screening can enhance property value. Ecofriendly buyers prefer natural living fence screening to metal, plastic, or wood fencing. Living fences provide homes for surrounding wildlife and are great biomass filters. We offer Green Giants for rapid establishment in sunny areas and the Nellie Stevens Hollies for shady sites. Even a mix of living fence evergreens can create a fabulous contrasting look! Contact us to discuss your next living fence installation.

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