Time to Water Your Living Fence

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When to water your living fence?

Late August through September are dry in our Mid-Atlantic area for your new evergreen trees. However, the rain passes by in some areas and is quite dry. Therefore, it is a critical time to water your living fence.



It is very IMPORTANT that you FREQUENTLY check the soil moisture content at the base of each evergreen tree. Even if we get some rain, it is not enough to meet your evergreen trees’ needs, especially with the dryness of the soil at present. RAIN IS NOT ENOUGH, AND NEITHER IS WATERING FROM A LAWN SPRINKLER. You will end up watering just the mulch with a sprinkler, automatic or manual, and the water will not get down to the roots where it is needed.    

CHECK ANY STAKED TREES. Rains or severe weather can cause a stake to shift or loosen. If this occurs, realign the stake and lightly tap on top to reset it firmly in the ground. It is also crucial that you keep the stake in the position as it was initially properly installed.

By checking the Plant Wizard, read more about watering and maintaining your evergreen living fence. If you have any questions regarding your evergreen living fence, please do not hesitate to contact us.