Time to Water Your Living Fence!

Little Boy Watering Plants

Fall is upon us and the past few weeks have been dry for plants due to the lack of rain. Thankfully we did not have any hurricanes in our area but a little rain would have been helpful.  Consistently monitoring your watering is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your Living Fence.

Drip irrigation benefits

                         The soil is very dry due to lack of rain. PLEASE WATER. 

It is very important that you frequently check the soil moisture content at the base of each tree.  Do not assume that each tree needs the same amount of water.  There are many variables which control this.  Even if we get some rain, it may not be enough to meet your trees’ needs. If the soil is dry at any tree then water it.


You will end up watering just the mulch with a sprinkler, automatic or manual, and the water will not get down to the roots where it is needed. Usually you will need to water two to three times a week through October.

CHECK ANY STAKED TREES.  Rain or severe weather can cause a stake to shift or loosen.  If this occurs, realign the stake and lightly tap on top to reset firmly in the ground.  It is also important that you keep the stake in the position as it was originally properly installed.  You should remove the stakes and wire after one year.

If you continue to monitor your evergreen Living Fence, they will continue to provide you with many years of privacy for your home or business.