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Bagworm Control

Bagworms are easy to control when they are young and there is minimal damage to the plant. Look for bagworms in late June. Use the Fourth of July as a reminder date. The bagworms will be very small at this time and are easy to stop with most any product. They may be as small as a … Continue reading Bagworm Control

The Maryland Home & Garden Show

Nice crowd at The Maryland Home and Garden show at the Timonium fairgrounds. It was great to meet 2 of the Pryor's Nursery VIP show ticket contest winners! And of course, 100s of people interested in privacy screening for their home inquired about the living fence. We had a sample of our evergreen trees at the show for everyone to see. The 7ft Green Giants ,10 ft tall Green Giant, a 7 ft Nellie Stevens Holly and a Leyland Cypress were on display in our show booth.

Sun or Shade?

A common question we hear is whether the evergreens prefer sun or shade? This is always a determining factor for evergreen selection. This time of year with the leaves gone, we can easily forget our planting area is shady in the summer. The choices for tall privacy screening for shady areas in the northeast are limited to hollies and hemlocks.As you can see from the picture above, there are taller deciduous trees that have lost their leaves for the winter, thus no longer providing privacy screening but, the Nellie Stevens hollies stay green year round. Plus the hollies produce gorgeous red berries in the fall for a festive holiday tree. We use the Nellie Stevens holly as it stays denser in the shade and has few insect issues. Hemlocks in the metro area often become infested with the wooly adelgid beetle which is native to Asia. The hemlock woolly adelgid is a small parthenogenetic aphidlike insect. During the winter generation, the ovisacs contain up to 300 eggs. They can be controlled with sprays ,but most people today choose to be organic in their landscaping and not spray insecticides. Once infected, the hemlock dies within 3-6 years, if not treated. For this reason the hemlock has fallen out of favor over the years. Want more info on the Nellie Stevens holly living fence for privacy screening? Check out our gallery and product list on our website #hemlocks #pryors #nelliestevensholly #evergreens #living fence #privacyscreening